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Entry #4

I finished school.

2009-04-13 08:44:39 by Sureiyaazu

So I finished school and started well... to be my own band. I have problems with writing lyrics for my songs... but who cares... seems like some people here are in the "I-give-ya-a-0-rating, because I feel like..."

I don't know whether joining newgrounds was a good idea, because I only get small feedback. Maybe I am doin something wrong... but plz tell me...

Going to record only metal-songs because I aren't able to produce something else anymore...

Buying a new guitar and waiting that something... happens in my life... it's so boring atm.


pic: schecter_hellraiser by kaeltetod

I finished school.


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2009-09-02 23:06:51

I've always found you get more feedback from people when you give feedback to them
I spend about 30min a day just chatting to people on NewGrounds and I go alright in the reviews and shiz

Don't get to worried about reviews though
People that are review whores tend to be looked down upon by NG
Its about networking and being apart of that network
You only get out what you put in


2010-06-21 08:46:21

Make easy money for free using Easy Vouch and donate it to Newgrounds so we can get the front page back to the way it used to be.


2011-05-03 07:31:48

Well, actually, I discovered you today, and I'm currently checking all of your tunes, you may see reviews of mine on some of them, because I enjoy listening to great work. Aka what you did here.

Keep up the good work!